Last year's hackathon was about turning great ideas into cool prototypes, igniting the startup community, celebrating creativity and opening up the world of tech to more people.

This year will be even better!

Check out below to see last year's setup and important dates for this year's hack.

The Hack

Last Year's Setup

You and your team have exactly one day to turn your product idea into a working prototype.

Use your time wisely — at the end of the day you will take the stage to demo what you have built.

The day starts when you enter the Vault. We will show you to your seats and help you get set up — the goal is to get up and running with the hacking.

During lunch, we will all take a break and eat together — a good opportunity to meet with other hackers and share ideas.

We will keep hacking until sunset — this is when we start the demos. Be sure to pay attention and remember your favorite teams — the winning team will be decided through majority vote.

Oh, and by the way. The day ends with a huge-ass party!

During the Night

All great days end with a great party. It's for everyone attending the hack and their friends. Read more in the post in the Facebook event.

We are also super excited to have the mighty Dunderpatrullen playing during the evening!

The Open Track

Won’t participate in the hack but would love to be there and take part of the vibe? The Open Track is for you!

This workshop series is aligned with our purpose to bring together the startup community, celebrate creativity and open up the world of tech to more people.

We will kick off with an exciting life story told by one of Gothenburg’s entrepreneurial legends. After this, four different startups will host sessions on topics relevant to us all.

The series is open for anyone interested in startups. It is drop-in based and doesn’t require formal pre-registration. In-between the workshops, guided tours down to the bank vault are offered.

The Hack The Party The Open Track

Practical info

Gothenburg Startup Hack is about building and demoing a product prototype.

We prefer fresh ideas and technological innovation over a solid business case. Don't worry about the numbers or the bottom line — use your imagination, think outside the box and go nuts!

This hack is about building stuff — a demo with just a PowerPoint presentation ain't gonna fly.

We are hosting a meetup on April 28 — where we all hang out and meet each other. Looking for a team or more team members? This is the right place to be!

Once you have put together a versatile team, make sure to sign up before the application deadline — .

We think that the best teams are made up of people with different skills and different backgrounds.

We recommend team sizes between 3 to 5 people.

Finally, the hack takes place on May 16. Be prepared to hack from early in the morning till late in the evening.

We will keep you comfortable and make sure you are fed all the way through.

Last Year's Location

The Inside (Hacker) Job

We're proud to host Gothenburg Startup Hack inside of one of Gothenburg's most prestigious buildings: Chalmerska Huset.

Forget garages and offices: come and take the chance to write your code among marble, teak, copper and chandeliers.

The only thing we can't guarantee is that your product will be as secure as the vault it was built in.

Chalmerska Huset

Södra Hamngatan 11, Gothenburg

Google Maps →

This year's location will be announced later on

Last Year's Sponsors


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Dropbox is one of the fastest growing startups in the world. We have a service that touches over 200 million users in 200 countries. We’re building the next great technology company and are looking for world-class graduate talent from all backgrounds (social science, finance, engineering) to develop our operations internationally!


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Almi's vision is to create opportunities for all viable ideas and companies to be developed. We offer advisory services, loans and venture capital through all phases of the establishment of a business – from idea to successful company.


Pioneered in Sweden by journalists and web innovators, Mynewsdesk is a platform for PR and brand engagement. Many of the world's best brands and agencies use Mynewsdesk's newsrooms to tell their stories.


Näringslivsgruppen at Göteborg & Co is a collaboration platform between the academia, the private industry and the city & region of Gothenburg. We initiate and support different projects that boost entrepreneurship and create great conditions for innovative and creative people to live and work in Gothenburg.

Prize sponsors


Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.


Strategic partners


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April 28

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May 2


May 16

The Organisers

Oscar Söderlund


Hi, I'm Oscar, and I'm hooked on a feeling — the feeling I get from hammering away at my keyboard. Right now, I'm building optimisations for your playback experience at Spotify, and the next edition of Monkey Music Challenge. Building makes me feel good!

Per Bergström

Startup Grind

Student and a big fan of people, design, entrepreneurship and urban development. Inspires people at Startup Grind and help students find their whys in life through World Values Day.

Tomas Ohlson

The Great Wild

Engineer and entrepreneur who loves building stuff. Always working with many projects and startups at once, sometimes even getting results (except fun).

Johan Brook


I like designing and coding at the same time. I also love new ideas, travelling and building lasting products with and for great people.

Anton Lindgren


A passionate IT student who loves the web, and a Student ambassador at Spotify. When he's not fencing with exams you find him reading up on the latest Hacker News trends. His biggest passion IRL is coffee.

Alexander Widar


Software Engineer with a great interest for mobility. Loves learning new things and always juggles a few project in the air. Addicted to coffee, code and games.

Jonathan Ström


Chalmers student, developer and Linux hacker (addicted to terminals). Love to build stuff fast from the ground up and eat bananas.

Paula Nilsson


I'm a life-loving girl from the south of Sweden. Music gives me energy and smiles makes me happy, so please give me a big smile when you see me. I'm a mensa member, awesome at driving a tractor and currently studying event marketing.

Cedrik Sjöblom

Code-enthusiast and positive doer. Patience is my everyday solution, forking into ambition, curiosity & understanding. You should attack me with a smile. It's super effective.


Joakim Ekberg


Barefoot Hacker making software for iPhone, iPad and the Web. Currently building the future of e-commerce at Tictail. Also, I'm a nice guy.

Martina Elm

Hyper Island

Freelance communications manager & event planner that loves food and the web. Head of marketing at Island in the sun.

Jonny Strömberg


A swedish product designer & engineer. Founder of Confetti, Silarapp & Nordic.js. Creator of List.js. Organiser of Sthlm.js. Dribbble: @javve.